Recommended Milk for Diabetics

For most diabetics, sometimes they have cholesterol levels and also fairly high triglycerides in their blood. Triglyceride is a fat that can trigger an increase in the risk of heart attack.

Diabetes will also make some sufferers would be very risky to place the crack on the bone. Olesh, consumer products that have a high calcium content can help sufferers to continue to maintain the State of the bones were still in a State of being strong. One of the products is milk.

Milk for Diabetics

However, the problem is the content that exists on the milk’s not just calcium. There is some content that will help how to lower your diabetes, but some are in fact will harm the diabetics.

best diabetic milk

Milk is one of the sources of calcium and vitamin D are also badly needed for the body and is also believed to be able to lower their risk of developing diabetes to 33%, is caused due to the womb as follows:
  1. Calcium and vitamin D; this Content extremely proving to have the ability to be able to improve on the sensitivity of insulin hormone in the body so that it can keep the blood sugar levels remain in the normal state.
  2. The content of Magnesium; milk also contains magnesium which is very important to be able to create stable blood sugar levels body.
  3. Lactose content; one of the other content contained of milk and is extremely beneficial for processing on blood sugar.
  4. Protein content; the latter is a protein content will be very important for the body to keep the immune system so it has energy which is able to ward off the attacks of various kinds of diseases.

The Criteria of Milk for Diabetes Patients

Basically, the milk is not the type of drink or food to avoid diabetes. You also don’t have to consume milk products directly but you can consume processed milk products such as yogurt or cheese. So for those of you who want to consume the milk because it wanted to meet the needs of nutrients in the body then it is not prohibited. Here are the criteria that may be consumed milk diabetics:

Low-fat Milk

You can consume the milk with very low fat content. Not the kind of sweetened condensed milk which does a lot of sugar and fat content. Products processed low-fat milk such as yogurt and soy milk are also rated good for consumption. Yogurt is one of processed milk products that are judged to have a low fat content. This refined rated very good to be able to create stable blood sugar and insulin resistance can be reduced to 20%.

In addition to yogurt, you can also consume types of soy milk because it could control the sugar levels in the blood. This is because the content of amino acids in soy argini capable of putting together a hormone insulin and glycogen also. Besides protein content in soy milk is also very useful to be able to increase the secretion of the hormone insulin and glycogen are also present in the tissues of the body.



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