The Important Symptoms of Severe Depression

HEALTHIENSIDE - Depression is one of the disorders which may affect an individual’s mental and physical identity. Depression itself is acute stress which must soon be addressed, otherwise, it can be at risk of psychiatric disorders in the future. Many things can cause a person experiencing depression, ranging from genetic factors, genes, gender, age, health condition, the pressure of living, and much more.

Symptoms of Severe Depression

Depression is divided into two categories namely mild depression and severe depression. The second type of depression is just a different severity of symptoms experienced. If depression is mild left continuously, then he would be a severe depression which later may be at risk of psychiatric disorders.

Symptoms of Severe Depression

So it would be better to know the characteristics of depression so you can minimize the risks. Well, here it will explain more about the traits of heavy depression.

It’s hard to focus

Traits of the first severe depression are difficult to be able to focus on something. But actually these traits can be seen in a light depression, only promoted on severe depression is more severe. When someone is experiencing such severe depression, then while doing a job would be very difficult for him to be able to finish all. This is because the brain is filled with things that cause problems like depression and stress that had befallen him. Not only that, because of the problems and pressures faced by nerve cells then become the tense and triggered loss of concentrations.

Continuously feeling sad

Other characteristics are often felt sad continuously. This could have been caused because it was too think of the problems that it faces. People who experience severe depression, often trying to be alone in a room or rooms that are far from the bustle of the crowd. Itself will continue to cry, even sometimes cannot control the sadness that was being endured.

A frequent Headache

People who experience severe depression will often experience a headache due to the many problems facing the mind and thus be making the nerves on the brain be stiffened. When the nervous muscles stiffened, then it will cause pain because nerves in the brain feel a mutual attraction. So this is the one that is causing the pain of the head, ranging from mild to severe. To overcome headaches in sufferers of depression is to eliminate anxiety and other things that are aggravating the mind.

Little things would greatly interfere with You

These traits may be almost barely noticed by most people. Depression can be seen in emotion and anger which culminated. When you are having severe depression, then you’ll easily feel quick-tempered but just because of little things that are actually in normal conditions would not harass you. Maybe you feel you are too sensitive, but in fact it is due to a sense of depression that had befallen him. Load the thoughts that many triggers which can drain your emotions so as to be easily offended.

Pain in the chest

When the depression had already entered into tiers that badly enough, then it will not only make her mentally disturbed but rather a negative effect conferring on a person’s physical. People who are experiencing severe depression may experience pain in the chest, either the right or left. This is due to the difficulties which affect them thus making the heart work harder and cause the pain appears.

Slow Movement

People who experience severe depression, it will make him not going to retort in his work. If people, in General, can complete a series of activities with the energetic, it is different with people who experience depression. The slow movement because he could not focus on the things he was doing. In addition, because the burden of mind incriminating also makes the brain be tightened which makes the movement of one becomes sluggish.

Sleep time too much or little

Some people who are experiencing severe depression will be found if him snoring when asleep. This is because energy is drained and not aligned that make you will feel tired throughout the day. This also happens when you spend too much time to sleep. Many people escaping the depression with manner asleep to avoid the sadness he felt. In addition, some people who have experienced depression etc. are also experiencing a very less time sleeping, insomnia, difficulty sleeping, and others.

Like Moody and Brooding

People who experience severe depression often can’t hide what he felt. His feelings often erratic making it often brooding and glum-faced. The cause of the condition because of the things that makes the depression that happens so often she thinks. This would not be good if left constantly because it will aggravate existing conditions.



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