Friendly Cereal for Diabetic Breakfast

Diabetic Friendly Cereal

If Your fiber intake still feels less, consider eating cereal. Yes, the usual cereals are eaten when breakfast, could contribute to the body’s daily requirement of fiber and makes you a long life. Obviously, the cereal is eaten is not full of sugar tablets!

The relationship between age and length of the fiber obtained by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health examines the influence of cereal fiber diet for some time. And as much as more than 566 thousand members of AARP age was 50-71 years from six States and two major cities involved in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study.

Diabetic friendly cereal

Those who reported live on a diet rich in fiber cereals, more longevity than the rarely eat breakfast cereals. With a decrease in risk of death of 19 percent rather than a few consume fiber cereals.

The number doesn’t stop there. A study published in BMC Medicine found that consuming cereals high in fiber have a decreased risk of death 34 times lower from diabetes as well as a 15 percent decrease in the risk of death due to cancer. Meanwhile, those who eat a lot of whole grains, as well as dietary fiber, has a lower risk of all causes of death by 17 percent.

Fiber cereal is one component of a healthy diet can help prevent potential premature death. The existence of recent studies has shown that the fiber cereals and whole grains have a positive influence on the lives of you. Especially when you want to avoid cancer, inflammation, or overweight.

It’s just that, the recommended course of cereals is not wrapped in sugar. In addition, make sure that a high-fiber cereal is consumed. If you want to eat one serving of cereal, most do not contain 10 grams of fiber.

To that end, it is recommended to read labels to find out the number of fibers is contained in one serving of cereal. If there is not a chance to read it, remember the rules given by Lori Zanini, a dietician. Plant products are the place to look for fiber. Considering only fiber comes from plant cell walls.

In addition to cereals, oats can also be another option. Oats are a source of fiber that is naturally good for your body.



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